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Minecraft SMP Servers


What is SMP in Minecraft?

SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer, which is a game mode in Minecraft that allows multiple players to join and play together in the same world. Unlike single-player mode, SMP servers enable players to interact, collaborate, and build communities, creating a dynamic and social experience within the game.


How do I join an SMP server?

To join a Minecraft SMP server, you'll need the server's IP address or domain. Launch Minecraft, navigate to the multiplayer section, and click "Add Server" to enter the server details. Once added, select the server from your multiplayer list and click "Join Server" to immerse yourself in the shared world of SMP.


What can I do in an SMP server?

In a Minecraft SMP server, the possibilities are endless. You can explore vast landscapes, gather resources, build impressive structures, trade with other players, engage in friendly competitions, form alliances, and even embark on epic quests or community projects. The collaborative nature of Minecraft SMP servers allows you to create your own unique experiences alongside other players.


Where can I find the best Minecraft SMP servers?

When it comes to finding the best Minecraft SMP servers, our Minecraft SMP servers list is your ultimate destination. We have carefully selected and ranked the top Minecraft SMP servers that offer engaging gameplay, active communities, and a thriving multiplayer experience. Whether you're seeking a vanilla survival experience or a server with unique gameplay features, you're sure to find the perfect SMP server to join and embark on your survival adventure.


What are some essential tips for SMP?

Establish a base: Find a suitable location to build your base, ensuring access to essential resources like wood, food, and water. Consider factors like proximity to other players, potential threats, and strategic advantages.

Collaborate with others: SMP is all about teamwork and cooperation. Collaborate with fellow players to share resources, exchange knowledge, and accomplish ambitious projects together.

Communicate effectively: Use in-game chat, voice communication platforms, or server plugins to stay connected with other players. Effective communication fosters stronger relationships and facilitates smooth coordination.


SMP Tips and Tricks


Join or create a community

Engage with existing communities on the Minecraft SMP server or start your own with like-minded players. Active and friendly communities can enhance your SMP experience, fostering long-lasting friendships and memorable adventures.


Embrace the economy

Many Minecraft SMP servers feature player-driven economies where you can trade resources, items, or services with other players. Embrace the economic aspect of the server, explore trading opportunities, and establish yourself as a skilled merchant or trader.


Stay vigilant

While Minecraft SMP servers offer collaborative gameplay, it's important to remember that survival is still a core aspect. Be cautious of potential threats, protect your belongings, and stay vigilant against griefers or malicious players. Building secure structures, setting up land claims, or utilizing server plugins can help safeguard your progress.


Best SMP Servers

(5 stars based on 7 reviews)
Welcome to TakenSMP, where survival meets community in an epic multiplayer experience! Join us for endless adventures, friendship, and creativity as you explore our diverse world and build your own unique legacy. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, there's always something exciting happening on TakenSMP. Join us and become part of our thriving community today!
(0 stars based on 0 reviews)
A furry Minecraft server! FoxCraft is an SMP and creative server. We offer a balanced economy and a unique SMP experience. Grind to rank up through our autorank system and earn new perks.

- Custom plugins
- Custom enchantments
- Jobs
- Time-based ranks
- Economy SMP
- Creative

(5 stars based on 2 reviews)
Greetings, Minecraft enthusiasts! We're excited to unveil our brand new server - BandoCraft! Dive into an extraordinary experience that blends the charm of Vanilla Minecraft with exciting plugins designed to enhance your gameplay.

Towny: Build and expand your own towns, form alliances, and engage in epic battles. Teamwork and strategy will be your key to success!

Cross-Platform: Enjoy BandoCraft seamlessly with friends, whether they're playing on Java or Bedrock editions. Our server is designed to bring the community together, breaking down platform barriers for a united gaming experience.

Jobs: Choose your profession and earn in-game currency while doing what you love. Whether you're a miner, farmer, or adventurer, there's a job for everyone.

McMMO: Level up your skills and become a master of your craft. With unique abilities and perks, your journey on BandoCraft will be filled with excitement and challenges.

Economy: Trade, buy, and sell with fellow players. The economy is in your hands, and strategic decisions will shape the prosperity of your virtual world.

Silk Touch: Unlock the ability to harvest mob spawners with Silk Touch, adding a layer of depth to your resource gathering.

Custom Player Markets: Set up your own shops and create a bustling marketplace. It's time to showcase your entrepreneurial spirit and become a trading magnate!
(5 stars based on 1 reviews)
Join an awesome modded Minecarft Survival Multi-Player(SMP) server. The mod is Called the stinky cheese mod, when you get a stinky cheese you get a permanent good effect.
(0 stars based on 0 reviews)
There is often a bug here and it says that this server is offline temporarily, but it's actually not so, server is always online
(0 stars based on 0 reviews)
🏰 CraftYourTown: Build Your Dream World! 🏰

Bedrock IP is the same as Java, use port 19132

Welcome to CraftYourTown, the best Minecraft server for adventurers like you! 🌟 Join our friendly community of builders, crafters, and explorers, and let your creativity soar! 🎮 Design amazing towns, embark on epic quests, and discover hidden treasures with your new pals. 🌈 With lag-free gameplay, awesome events, and regular updates, there's always something exciting to do! 🎉 So grab your pickaxe, put on your adventurer's hat, and come create magic at CraftYourTown! 💫🏡🌄

👉 Why Join?
🌟 Creative builders, crafters, and explorers, welcome!
🎮 Endless adventures and epic quests await you!
👼 Keep Inventory is enabled, no losing all your progress!
🌈 Design incredible towns and explore with friends!
⚔️ Battle custom mobs and unlock unique gadgets!
🧲 Custom tools and stylish cosmetic skins to stand out!
👑 Be part of a community where your voice matters!
🙌 Join weekly minigame events for awesome rewards!
💬 Make new friends!

👉 Join CraftYourTown now and let the adventures begin! 👈
(0 stars based on 0 reviews)
We're an upcoming Minecraft SMP Server.
We have not yet released and are still in the making everything.
We wish to release soon!

Only Java Edition is supported.
(5 stars based on 2 reviews)
🌟 Light Craft SMP: Where Adventures Shine! 🌈

🚀 24/7 Lag-Free Experience:
- Join the journey anytime, anywhere, in our seamless and lag-free SMP.

💰 Economy Survival:
- Build, trade, and thrive in our economy-driven survival gameplay.

🎨 Custom Textures and GUI:
- Immerse yourself in a visually enhanced world with custom textures and GUI elements.

🗡️ Unique Weapon Textures:
- Elevate your combat experience with exclusive weapon textures.

🌐 Join Now and Craft Your Legacy!
- Light Craft SMP awaits – where every block tells a story. Join the adventure now!

🔗 Server IP:
🔗 Discord: Community]

🌟 Connect, Illuminate, and Craft Your Legacy! 🚀🌈
(5 stars based on 6 reviews)
Join for fun
Also join our discord server
(1 stars based on 1 reviews)
Welcome to the ProOOSmp
The cool Server you can play!
You can play with friends, people, and you can report the user that privated your house so go to our site and sumbit it in google sites and your request will pending and then we see it we will unprivate that region and make your region
Join no
(5 stars based on 3 reviews)
Planet Virtue SMP places a strong emphasis on community engagement. Join forces with other players to tackle challenging projects, embark on group expeditions, or simply share stories around the communal campfire. The bonds you form with your fellow adventurers will be the backbone of your journey on this shared planet.
(0 stars based on 0 reviews)
GodSpunky is the official Minecraft server network of the YouTuber Spunky Insaan. This Indian network allows non-premium/cracked Java and Bedrock/PE players to connect too. Join our Discord server to get to know everyone better or if you need any assistance.

Discord -

What Makes Us Unique? --
• No lag Gameplay In the Entire Server.
• Supported in MCPE as Well Minecraft Java Edition !!
• Supported In Tlauncher & Other Cracked Launchers :))
• Anticheat System Enabled !!
• Top Class Lobbies !!
• Events Every Month !!
• Great Ranks At a Cheap Price
• Top Class & Great Gamemodes !!
• Lifesteal & Survival
• FFA Games
• Netherite PvP & Crystal PvP
• Always Updated !!
(5 stars based on 2 reviews)
EshuMC is a public lifesteal multiplayer server of Minecraft where you can play with your friends. It is one of the best lifesteal server because it is the smoothest server and lag free Also, the ping's are comes very lowest due to which there is no delay while playing here.

Here our team provides maximum support to content creators especially in script recording and if you want, you can also invite your friends and play here.

In case of any problem or issue, you can contact our team on Discord who is always available to help you.And if you help us in catching any hacker we will also give you the reward from our side
(5 stars based on 1 reviews)
Welcome to Elysian! A survival SMP. Featuring Quests, KoTH, PvP, Teams, Bosses, and much more! Join now to build your kingdom.