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Minecraft Lifesteal Servers


How does the Lifesteal SMP work?

Lifesteal SMP is a private SMP (Survival Multiplayer) server consisting of 25 YouTubers. It has a unique gameplay mechanic where players lose a heart upon death and gain a heart upon killing another player. If a player's hearts reach zero, they are banned from the server until someone revives them.


What makes Lifesteal SMP dangerous?

Lifesteal SMP is often referred to as "The Deadliest Minecraft SMP" due to its nearly unstructured nature. The risk of losing hearts upon death adds a heightened sense of danger and strategy to the gameplay. The server's competitive environment and the fact that not everyone is quick to revive the dead make it a challenging and intense experience.


What were some notable events in previous seasons of Lifesteal SMP?

In Season 1, the season ended after Parrot exposed admin abuse by Mapicc. Season 2 concluded when M.O.B Tower was destroyed by Spoke using around 1000 withers, triggering a war. These events led to the creation of Season 3, which ran from December 12, 2021, until June 17, 2022. Season 4 started on July 12, 2022, and is still ongoing as of April 2023.