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Voidcraft is an adult-only server that aims to provide a classic vanilla survival experience while fostering long-term friendships through Minecraft.

Why should you join Voidcraft?

Make New Friends: This server is about more than just playing Minecraft. Voidcraft players dedicate themselves to the server for a unanimous reason—it feels like home! We are a community based on creating long-term friendships. We laugh together, cry together, celebrate each other’s achievements, and support each other during hard times. It doesn’t matter if a player joined yesterday or one year ago; everyone here is a friend.

Safe and Inclusive: Because the Voidcraft community is so important to us, we want everyone to feel like Voidcraft is the place they can go to when they need to relax after a long day or want to spend time with friends. We always want each player to feel comfortable and do not tolerate any form of discrimination. Every player is carefully screened before they are whitelisted, not just for the basics either! On top of ensuring each new player has an inclusive mindset, we also try to find new players who appreciate our sense of humor and fit with the general vibe.

Classic vanilla survival: You’ll be able to set up your own base anywhere on the server, no land claim plugin limiting your build space! Our limited restrictions for building ensures your creativity is never stifled. Creative mode is only used by admins when fixing issues, everything on the server is completely made in survival!

No Pay-to-Win: Voidcraft is about the community, which includes fairness for all players. We may receive support from generous players but will never give any advantage to one player over another, regardless of their contributions. There will never be any loot boxes or other pay-to-win features on Voidcraft.

Community-Driven Projects: All our projects, from the player-run shopping district to the Nether highway, are planned and built by players. Anyone can participate in community projects! Whether it's designing builds or gathering materials for builders—there is always a way to contribute.

Join Voidcraft to create bonds that extend beyond Minecraft and make friends in a community where you feel like you belong. We look forward to welcoming you on Voidcraft soon – where every block placed is a step towards lasting friendship!
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Frequently Asked Questions

The server IP for Voidcraft is Use this address to join the Voidcraft Minecraft Server. It is the latest and reliable IP address as of 2024.

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher and click "Play."
  2. From the main menu, select "Multiplayer."
  3. Click "Add Server" to open the server information form.
  4. Enter the IP address "" in the "Server Address" box, then click "Done".
  5. Once the connection is verified by Mojang session servers and available, the connection icon will turn green.
  6. Click the "Join Server" button to play on Voidcraft and enjoy their latest updates and game modes.

On Voidcraft you can play Survival, SMP, Whitelist and Vanilla!

Voidcraft is compatible with Minecraft game version 1.20. However, please note that many Minecraft servers support both older and newer versions. For information on version compatibility, please refer to the Voidcraft Discord or Website.

Voidcraft Minecraft server is currently hosted in Canada and has a great connection as of 14 minutes ago