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Greetings, Minecraft enthusiasts! We're excited to unveil our brand new server - BandoCraft! Dive into an extraordinary experience that blends the charm of Vanilla Minecraft with exciting plugins designed to enhance your gameplay.

Towny: Build and expand your own towns, form alliances, and engage in epic battles. Teamwork and strategy will be your key to success!

Cross-Platform: Enjoy BandoCraft seamlessly with friends, whether they're playing on Java or Bedrock editions. Our server is designed to bring the community together, breaking down platform barriers for a united gaming experience.

Jobs: Choose your profession and earn in-game currency while doing what you love. Whether you're a miner, farmer, or adventurer, there's a job for everyone.

McMMO: Level up your skills and become a master of your craft. With unique abilities and perks, your journey on BandoCraft will be filled with excitement and challenges.

Economy: Trade, buy, and sell with fellow players. The economy is in your hands, and strategic decisions will shape the prosperity of your virtual world.

Silk Touch: Unlock the ability to harvest mob spawners with Silk Touch, adding a layer of depth to your resource gathering.

Custom Player Markets: Set up your own shops and create a bustling marketplace. It's time to showcase your entrepreneurial spirit and become a trading magnate!
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  • WorldofLoina
    January 08, 2024
    (5 / 5 stars)

    Classic Towny SMP

  • BombDropper1337
    January 07, 2024
    (5 / 5 stars)

    Fantastic towny server

Frequently Asked Questions

The server IP for BandoCraft is Use this address to join the BandoCraft Minecraft Server. It is the latest and reliable IP address as of 2024.

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher and click "Play."
  2. From the main menu, select "Multiplayer."
  3. Click "Add Server" to open the server information form.
  4. Enter the IP address "" in the "Server Address" box, then click "Done".
  5. Once the connection is verified by Mojang session servers and available, the connection icon will turn green.
  6. Click the "Join Server" button to play on BandoCraft and enjoy their latest updates and game modes.

On BandoCraft you can play Survival, Bedrock, SMP, PvP, Towny and Vanilla!

BandoCraft is compatible with Minecraft game version 1.20. However, please note that many Minecraft servers support both older and newer versions. For information on version compatibility, please refer to the BandoCraft Discord or Website.

BandoCraft Minecraft server is currently hosted in United Kingdom and has a great connection as of a minute ago