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Minecraft Survival Servers


What is Minecraft Survival?

Minecraft Survival is the adrenaline-packed adventure of living on the edge in a virtual world. It's a game mode where you're plopped into a vast blocky universe, armed with just your wits and your bare hands at first. But from there, you have mine, craft, build, and fight all the creepers that come to blow up your house. 

It's intense but soothing at the same time. Each time you enter a world, it's a new start because the world is procedurally generated, so a new adventure awaits every time you enter a new Survival server.


What do we have to do in Minecraft Survival?

In Minecraft Survival, you're the master of your fate (or, at least, your pickaxe). You'll explore lush landscapes, chop down trees, mine precious resources, and craft tools and structures to thrive in this pixelated paradise. 

From farming and fishing to fending off mobs and delving into treacherous dungeons, the possibilities are as endless as a well-dug mine shaft. Minecraft survival encourages you to forge your own path but also gives you a choice to follow the path laid down by the game. This starts with you finding the stronghold, opening the ender portal, and slaying the ender dragon!


What are Minecraft SMP servers?

Minecraft SMP (Survival Multiplayer) servers are virtual havens bustling with life, where players from across the globe band together to experience the thrill of surviving in unison. These servers are like vibrant digital communities, offering a shared space for players to build, trade, collaborate, and engage in shenanigans. 

From epic group quests to friendly rivalries and hilarious pranks, SMP servers are where the real magic happens. Join one, and forge unforgettable friendships (and maybe a few enemies too).


How to on a Minecraft Survival Server?

Winning in Minecraft Survival isn't just about defeating an ender dragon (it is kinda) or amassing diamonds (though those things help). It's about setting your own goals and embracing the journey. Surviving in style means building jaw-dropping structures, mastering complex redstone contraptions, or creating your own mini-games. But technically speaking, you can finish Minecraft by slaying the ender dragon; this is when the end credits will roll.


What are the best Minecraft Survival servers?

When it comes to the crème de la crème of Minecraft Survival servers, our survival servers list has got you covered! We've scoured the digital realm to curate a selection of the top-ranking servers out there. Players vote for their favorite servers, and they get ranked accordingly, so the ones at the top are always a great pick, but you can also try the lower-ranked ones; who knows, you just might end up finding a hidden gem.


Survival Tips And Tricks

Dig deep, my friend

When mining in Minecraft Survival, always remember to dig down to the bedrock. Since the new update, diamonds have generated more at the deepest levels. 


Farm like a boss 

Want a never-ending supply of carrots, potatoes, and wheat? Start your own farm! Plant those seeds, nurture them with love (and water), and soon you'll have a farm.


Embrace the great outdoors

Exploring the vast landscapes of Minecraft Survival is like embarking on an adventure. Trek through dense forests, climb towering mountains and navigate treacherous caves. There are a ton of structures that you can find on your journey, like shipwrecks, ocean monuments, trail ruins, desert pyramids, and much more. You’ll often find a good amount of loot from these.


Best Survival Servers

(4.9 stars based on 1112 reviews)
OPBlocks is a high-quality Minecraft Prison, Survival SMP, Skyblock, and Pixelmon server featuring unique content and an amazing community, friendly staff, and awesome players like you!


JAVA IP: pms.opblocks.com
BEDROCK IP: bedrock.opblocks.com (Port 19132)

1.8 -> 1.19 are supported!

» Prison
» Skyblock
» Survival SMP
» Pixelmon
(4.9 stars based on 993 reviews)
Welcome to Penguin.GG!

We are a brand new network launched in 2022. Come join SB737 as he plays and records with his community!

We currently offer an amazing Skyblock game mode and will be adding Survival SMP very soon!
(4.9 stars based on 668 reviews)
NeoNetwork is a brand new server launched in 2022 and owned by TheNeoCubest! We currently have an amazing custom Skyblock server with plans to launch Survival SMP very soon!
(4.9 stars based on 850 reviews)
Discover the thrilling world of LumeniaMC, an advanced premium Minecraft server designed specifically for players aged 12-18! Exciting adventures and unforgettable moments await you in the captivating realm of Minecraft.

LumeniaMC stands out from the crowd by offering innovative features and exciting game modes you've never experienced before. Say goodbye to dull resource packs – we're all about delivering a fresh, authentic Minecraft experience!

Step into a world of endless possibilities and explore thrilling game modes like SkyPvP, Citybuild SMP, and Lifesteal SMP. Whether you're eager for intense PvP battles in the floating city or prefer to unleash your creative building skills in urban development, LumeniaMC has something for everyone.

Our community is vibrant and welcoming, ensuring you'll feel right at home from the moment you join. Your adventures begin here, and we can't wait to welcome you to our Minecraft world. So, what are you waiting for? Come on over and dive into the ultimate Minecraft experience at LumeniaMC!
(4.8 stars based on 38 reviews)
❤️ [BEDROCK SUPPORT] [ JAVA SUPPORT] ❤️ [NEWLY RELEASED SMP] ⭐ - This is a relaxing Minecraft SMP server with player-oriented plugins to enhance your in-game experience! We strive to provide an engaging environment! You can make new friends, invite your friends, and even relax while playing!!!!!!!!!
(5 stars based on 40 reviews)
Need a server? MineVibe is a brand new Lifesteal SMP server filled with tons of amazing features! We have an active playerbase, weekly events, and much more! See you there!
(4.9 stars based on 507 reviews)
This year we celebrated our 9 year anniversary! We are one of the oldest servers still around! Play with endless custom content with daily updates to improve the server continuously!

Java: pms.royallegacy.net

Bedrock: pms.royallegacy.net 19312

* Survival - Rule the Economy with custom claiming! 1.19
* Skyblock - Upgrade to the Biggest Island! 1.19
* Prison - Upgrade your pickaxe to become FREE! 1.19
(4.8 stars based on 7 reviews)
Roleplay: Aloria is MassiveCraft’s high fantasy setting. The City of Regalia is sprawling and contains the Regalian Empire’s brightest minds and lowest criminals. You can join guard charters, criminal gangs, noble families, businesses and more, all depending on how you wish to play your character!

Factions & Kingdoms: MassiveCraft hosts the original Factions plug-in made by Cayarion. The latest Factions expansion, Kingdoms, allows players to engage in large scale wars against other Kingdoms, and take part in normal faction activities like PvP, tournaments, and raids!

Questing: MassiveCraft’s RPG experience takes place in Silverwind, a colony in Essalonia. Complete quests from NPCs that lead you all around the island, fight custom mobs, solve puzzles, and become the Hero of Silverwind! Will you wrest control from the pirates keeping order, or surrender Silverwind to the world’s largest global power—the Regalian Empire!

Minigames: Whether you’re completely new to PVP on MassiveCraft, or are a veteran with hundreds of hours spent fighting across long-forgotten worlds, the range of arena gamemodes presents a new challenge for everyone to learn, adapt and conquer alongside new friends, allies and enemies. There are five maps currently available to play using /minigames including Siege, Nether Waste, New Crookback, Castles and Pyramid.

Events: MassiveCraft holds many events throughout the year such as PvE progressions, Quests, PvP tournaments and minigames. Our staff team works hard to make the server fun for each group of players and what they enjoy!
(5 stars based on 2 reviews)
HI, welcome to modern-vanilla!
This is a SMP serverhosted by two passionate streamers, Shinkaii_Rin and RivsLive~

This server supports cross play between JAVA and BEDROCK.
Bedrock IP: modern-vanilla.com : 19132

We have everything an SMP has, well most likely do atleast..
Hope you enjoy your time here :)
Welcome to Tilted Tavern - Conquer a World of Adventure!
Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey unlike any other? Look no further than Tilted Tavern, where we're sporting a world that's a 500:1 scale replica of our beloved planet Earth. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of our vast landscapes, bustling cities, and untamed wilderness. Join us in creating your own destiny, one block at a time!
(5 stars based on 4 reviews)
ClubCraft is a classic Minecraft network.

You can join with a registered or a cracked Minecraft account on play.clubcraft.net. Hope to see you soon!

The server currently includes:
- Survival
- SkyPVP
- BedWars
- KitPVP

Much more to come!

IP: play.clubcraft.net
VERSION: latest
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Q2HZe8mN4E
(4.9 stars based on 117 reviews)
The Freshest PUBLIC MINECRAFT SMP for both Java & Bedrock players! Come play now!

- Both Java and Bedrock
- Java Version 1.18+
- Bedrock Port: 19132
(4.8 stars based on 34 reviews)
🌷 This New Meadow SMP is not just any Minecraft Server. It's a super chill place with plenty of options to make the experience perfectly suited just for you, everyone is welcome to join and have fun together with your friends!

Unleash Your Creativity on Meadow - Here's What Awaits You:

🌳 Enjoy a seamless automatic questing experience without the need to manually accept anything, with a massive library of tasks to complete with awesome rewards to obtain!

💰 Shape Meadow's thriving economy with our community driven coin-based features, such as shops and an auction house to buy and sell any items.

🎤 We offer proximity voice chat support for everyone to use and have fun with! You can find instructions on how to install it on our discord!

🦅 Available for everyone across the server, we offer an exclusive and optional feature of dash and double-jump abilities, making exploring the world way more fun!

🔥 Stay up-to-date with the latest Minecraft updates, enhancing your gameplay with fresh content and endless exploration.

🎮 Play on your preferred platform, as our server fully supports both Java and Bedrock editions.

🌸 With an already awesome playerbase and a ton of cool people, we also offer even more quality of life features, completely free for everyone to use.

Some of the worlds & experiences we offer are:

🗡️ Arena 🗡️
● Kit Pvp: ✔
● Rank Levels: ✔
● Multiple Maps: ✔

✘ Lifesteal ✘
● Pvp: ✔
● Quests: ✔
● Bounties: ✔
● Land Claims: ❌

🌸 Survival 🌸
● Pvp: ❌
● Quests: ✔
● Land Claims: ✔

Become a Part of our Welcoming & Wonderful Community - Join us today!

IP: meadowsmp.com

Bedrock Port: 19132

Discord: https://discord.gg/DGED24UJyh
(5 stars based on 2 reviews)
Welcome to Nuland, a thrilling Survival Minecraft server with powerful bosses, enhanced gameplay, skills, mounts, pets, custom items, and a balanced economy. Join our vibrant community, conquer challenges, and forge alliances in this immersive adventure. Start your journey today!
(5 stars based on 2 reviews)
Welcome to Wyvencraft, where the immersive world of Minecraft meets the thrilling adventure of RPG gameplay! Dive into a unique survival experience enriched with an array of captivating features that set Wyvencraft apart.

Embark on your journey with daily quests that challenge your skills and reward your perseverance. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a budding adventurer, there's always a new quest waiting to test your mettle. Don't forget to claim your AFK rewards, ensuring that even when you're away, your efforts are recognized and celebrated.

Custom enchants add a layer of depth to your gear, allowing you to personalize and enhance your weapons and armor for battles ahead. Unleash the full potential of your tools with tool skins, adding a touch of style to your mining and crafting endeavors. Express yourself further with a variety of cosmetics, making your character truly unique in the vast world of Wyvencraft.

Embark on daring Rift Missions, where teamwork is key to success. Conquer challenges, defeat powerful foes, and reap the rewards that await on the other side.

Forge alliances and rivalries with the Teams feature, allowing you to join forces with fellow players to tackle challenges or engage in friendly competition. Sharpen your skills with our unique skill system, unlocking abilities that set you apart on your quest for dominance.

Wyvencraft invites you to a world where every moment is an opportunity for adventure, where survival is not just about overcoming the environment but mastering the skills that make you a true champion. Join us and create your own epic tale in the enchanting realm of Wyvencraft!